Bible spiritual interpretation

Why do we read the Bible? As christians we are seeking "what the Holy-Spirit wants to tell us". But how do we know that what we read is from the Spirit?

There are many ways to read the Bible. But not all are appropriate in any circumstances. Which one to choose and when? This is what we investigate through those videos. Half of them were prepared before the actual teaching, and the other half were lessons given to ESOM (European School Of Mission) students in Les Diablerets (Switzerland) during August 2019.

When we use the Bible as a tool for our walk with God or for spiritual counseling, it is essential to ensure that we don't use the Bible inappropriately.


Introduction of the live sessions

The two paradoxical natures of Scripture

How God reveals himself

Many ways to read your Bible

Read to "actualize"

Litterary Genres

Context of the Old Testament

Context of the New Testament



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