Conclusion about resurrection

It is important to notice that in Jewish and pagan worlds resurrection was thought through a wide range of speculations but in early christianity, whatever the movement (a united first church is a myth), resurrection was a quite clear doctrine (which could have been considered as a modified pharisaic doctrine). It is important because in a normal historical process, we would have expected that the first christians would have adopted varied visions about resurrection (which happened much later) that would correspond to the spectrum of beliefs of judaism. We can discern through this the work of the Holy Spirit and thus something precious for our faith especially in being confident that the pattern I have drawn from scriptures is what Jesus wanted us to be aware of.

Of course there may be many questions unanswered1. And for good reasons: if Jesus taught only once about the details of resurrection it is because this is not the main focus of our faith. What we have to know is that we will raise from the dead whatever that means in practice.

But what we can say for sure is that: resurrection is not a spiritual exalted status; it is not a metaphorical idea about afterlife. Resurrection is only the step of raising from the dead which includes getting spiritually out of She’ol/Hades and physically from the dust (again) but with a new "glorified" body.


1 For example at this point of our reasoning we haven’t yet talked about the resurrection of non-christian people.

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